Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 5

Tonight I performed the Light of the Eternal One self treatment, gently placing my hands on top of my head. I was soon struck by the image of fractal images of myself, as if I were in many places at the same time surrounding myself and in all these images I was giving myself Light of the Eternal One energy healing. Then there was an image like a flashing strobe light in the form of a DNA spiral at the base of my brain, fading in and out of reality. I felt many doorways of consciousness open. This was one of the most visual experiences I have had with Light of the Eternal One, though usually it simply makes me feel serene and blissful perhaps at times euphoric, these wild visual images are quite new. I get excited writing about them though. Today I did teach Magical Awakening as well, so perhaps the added energy healing activated something deeper in my consciousness. I am loving this!!!

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