Tuesday, October 25, 2022

MysticMag interview with Brett Bevell

 I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Sarah at MysticMag the other day. Please enjoy the full interview at the link below:


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

What Is Reiki

 What is Reiki?

You may have heard of Reiki before, but what is it, really? Reiki is a form of energy healing that has its roots in Japanese culture. The word "Reiki" comes from two Japanese words - "Rei" which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and "Ki" which is "life force energy". So Reiki can be interpreted to mean "spiritually guided life force energy." 

Reiki is based on the idea that there is an unseen "life force energy" that flows through us and is what keeps us alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. A Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit for this Universal Life Force Energy and channels it through their hands into the client's body. 

One of the great things about Reiki is that it can be used to complement other modalities and treatments. For example, many hospitals now have Reiki practitioners on staff to provide energy healing to patients before, during, and after surgery as studies have shown that patients who receive Reiki have less pain and anxiety both during and after surgery. 

Reiki can also be used in conjunction with traditional medicine to help alleviate side effects and improve recovery time. Some common conditions that people seek out Reiki for include: headaches, fertility issues, digestive problems, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. 

Whether you are looking for an alternative form of healing or you would like to complement your current treatment plan, considering giving Reiki a try. Remember that a small amount of time spent receiving energy healing can have a profound and lasting impact on your overall health and wellbeing!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Reiki Psalms

A psalm is a sacred song or hymn, and although often attributed to the Bible there are psalms in other spiritual traditions as well. The Reiki psalms below are intended to elicit a deeper sense of communion with the divine. They function similarly to Reiki affirmations, but are deeper energetically and more eloquent. Simply reading a Reiki psalm engages you with the energetic Reiki blessing contained inside of each psalm, though speaking each out loud will engage you with an even deeper layer of the Reiki blessing. Reiki psalms are intended not as a replacement for your own spiritual tradition, but to help access a deeper energetic form of the divine grace that Reiki is.
Reiki Psalm 1
Bless the world as seen through my eyes
And teach me to listen
Inside every hour is a universe
a place of time
from which I can neither escape nor move
but must wade slowly
captured by grace
exhalted to witness that which is beyond my comprehension
I expand eternally with each breath
Yet cannot know what it means to be limitless without end
except in this moment
Reiki Psalm 2
When light becomes word
and word becomes joy
there I am deeply immersed in divine grace
allowing it to surround my ego
dissolving the me that I was never born to become
but only meant to awaken
Reiki Psalm 3
My wounded heart wishes to be whole
and filled with prophecy of times unlearned
where the gift of love is boundless
and all in every direction is praise for the mad glory of existence
There I will see that which is the cure to my ailment
There will I be held and nourished with infinite light
There will I know who I am beyond the self I have imagined myself to be
Reiki Psalm 4
Protect me from the angry words of others
And take away all my suffering
Bring peace to my ears
Bring peace to my eyes
Bring peace to my thought
So that I may be reborn into light
So that each whisper of divine word
is one I can capture and taste
Let me consume this light
and also be consumed by it
Let me ravish the flesh of this light
and be ravished within it
Let me shout love for all beings
and see that love reflected back to me
as it is simultaneously then sent back to them as well
Let me know who I came into this world to be
Excerpted from New Reiki Software for Divine Living by Brett Bevell. Copyright © 2013 by Ayni Books.

Monday, November 28, 2016

100 Things a Magical Awakening® Wizard Can do with the Element of Water

This is the last installment in a series devoted to things a Magical Awakening® Wizard who is level 2 or above can with with elemental energies. Anyone who has read my book The Wizards Guide To Energy Healing can do any of these as long as they have done up through the second empowerment in the book. Also, anyone who has trained in person with a Magical Awakening® teacher can also do these.

1) Use the element of water to cleanse the energy of organs, known as organ washing.
2) Bring the emotional body into serenity.
3) Bring specific issues within the emotional body to the surface so that they can then be awakened with Arthur's Crown energy.
4) Access the Holy Springs in Bali known as Tempak Sering, used for washing away sins.
5) Access the energy of Holy water as used in many churches around the world.
6) Access the power of Florida Water, a water infused with the essences of various flowers and often used in shamanic ceremonies.
7) Access the energy of Niagra falls and flow it through the chakras at the end of session to wash away any psychic debris left over at the end of a session...also serves to help bring a person closer to a state of normal waking consciousness.
8) Access the energy of the Holy waters of Lourdes.
9) Elixir of Rose Quartz...brings an open energy to the heart.
10) Access the energy of the water blessed by the healer known as John of God.
11) Access the energy of Pamukkale Hot Springs, sacred healing waters in Turkey.
12) Replicate the sense of floating in the waters of the womb.
13) Replicate the sense of floating in a sensory deprivation water chamber (can produce profound states of altered consciousness.)
14) Replicate the energy of the rune Laguz, which accesses the subconscious and psychic awareness and is ruled by the element of water.
15) River......causes things to flow easier, like a river.
16) Tsumani..a powerful wave of water energy that promises to knock loose blockages in the emotional body.
17) Crystal Clear Water meditation...create the sense of meditating on a pool of crystal clear water.
18) Replicate the energy of any beach, including the energetic signature of relaxation and joy often found at beaches.
19) Tansy Tea....replicates the energy of this form of tea magic, a spell often used to alleviate depression (though real life Tansy tea can risk poisoning, not an issue with this energy healing aspect of water.)
20) Mother Mary's Tears...calls forth the compassionate vibrations of Mother Mary.
21) Scrying Bowl...creates a psychic sense within the recipient to help them see the unseen.
22) Access the sacred energy of the Ganges river.
23) Ebb and flow...a use of water energy to replicate the energy of the tides, to help create or restore a natural rhythm to a person and/or situation.
24) Hot Spring....soothes and relaxes, just like being in a hot spring.
25) Salt Water Bath....replicates the wonderful aura clearing as would happen if one were immersed in salt water.
26) Replicate the energy of Chalice Well, holy waters near Glastonbury said to have healing qualities.
27) Beyond the 9th wave...water bringing about powerful transformation.
28) Steam....warms the body when cold, also used to flush out old stagnant energy.
29) Cool mist...refreshes the mind and spirit.
30) Angel water...a high vibration of water that has deep spiritual cleansing properties
31) Snow....an aspect of water that can create a profound sense of stillness that is deeply meditative
32) Ice...helps slow down and restrict energy that has gone haywire, when passions get overheated for example.
33) Emoto Water...access the energy of water as though it has been imbued with the power of a sacred word that brings healing, such as Love, Peace, Serenity, etc.
34) Cloud...an aspect of water that creates a lofty sense of imagination.
35) Fog..an aspect of water that allows a poetic sense of mystery to rule the mind.
36) Calm seas....brings about a sense of calm even amid rough and chaotic times.
37) Thirst Quencher...helps subdue powerful yearnings and restore a sense of sanity
38) Elixir of Ruby...brings passion and strength.
39) Elixir of Amethyst...brings about psychic awareness.
40) Elixir of Selenite clears away negative energy
41) Elixir of Black Tourmaline protects.
42) Yellow Spring...accesses the healing power of the sacred Yellow Spring in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
43) Deep Ocean...accesses that sense of being out at sea, away from all land and all civilization.
44) Elixir of the Full Moon...calls forth Full moon energy, increased energy toward a specific healing goal.
45) Elixir of the New Moon..calls forth New Moon energy to banish that which is unwanted
46) Elixir of the Waxing Moon..helps attract positive energy
47) Elixir of the Waning Moon...helps release old patterns
48) Waters of Mars...calls forth the water energy as if from the planet Mars, has a motivating effect.
49) Waters of Jupiter...although there are only traces of water that exist in the atmosphere of Jupiter, this form of water when accessed energetically has an expansive energetic quality that can be used to invoke the power of this planet,
50) Waters of Saturn..similar to Jupiter in truth there is just a little water there...but energetically this can be invoked to bring through a sense of karmic awareness
51) Waters of Uranus...helps one see things in a new way.
52) Waters of Neptune...helps transcend the mundane, gives a deeper vision of the true soul.
53) Oasis....brings a sense of comfort and nourishment when feeling lost in the desert of life.
54) Waters of erosion....helps erode energetic blockages.
55) Lake Titicaca....calls forth the energy of this lake sacred to the ancient Inca tribes.
56) Naga…water from the dragon realm that is more fierce moving through emotional blockages than most other forms of water.
57) Mermaids Delight…calls forth the water where mermaids live, the water that is imbued with their energetic signature, does not actually call forth mermaids themselves but still brings about a delightful shift energetically.
58) Unwept Tears…calls forth the energy of those repressed tears we have not allowed to flow…good for people who are emotionally stuck due to repressed grief, etc.
59) Water Bridge…helps connect a person emotionally to something for which they have been challenged to find empathy.
60) Waters of the subconscious….not as powerful as the Lake tool found in level 4 but still a good way to bring deep subconscious issues into the forefront for healing.
61) Baby Tears…reminds one of the innocence and preciousness of being a newborn.
62) Bottom of the Ocean...creates a surreal environment, an otherworldy presence, creating a new perspective for looking at life. Different than Deep Ocean which is more about being on the surface, as opposed to deep beneath at the ocean's bottom.
63) Summer Rain....refreshes, washes away stagnant energy.
64) Tears of the Earth...connects one deeper to have empathy with the suffering of our planet in this age of high pollution and climate change.
65) The Water of Truth...creates a flow of energy that makes it easier to differentiate what is true and what is not true.
66) Continuous Waterfall...based on dreams I have had of bodies of water suspended in mid air....in this case a waterfall that simply flows without coming from anyplace or going anyplace, just a continuous flow not connected to land or sea. Creates a joyous sense of being care free from earthly problems.
67) Tears of the Animal Kingdom..connects one deeper to have empathy with the suffering of animals in this age of high pollution and factory farming.
68) Tears of the Trees...connects one deeper to have empathy with the trees in this age of clear cutting and deforestation.
69) Tears of Slaves...connects one deeper to have empathy with those people of our planet that have suffered from the plight of slavery (and those who still do).
70) Tears of Women...helps men have empathy for the suffering of women. Also can be used for women who might be disconnected from having empathy with their own gender.
71) Tears of Men...helps women have empathy for the suffering of men. Also can be used for men who might be disconnected from having empathy with their own gender.
72) Snowflake...works with the element of water to bring about a unique crystal pattern filled with beauty into the emotional body.
73) WaterSoul...far beyond the emotional body, brings water into ones entire soul essence.
74) Rippling Pond....a very meditative aspect of water, as though watching the ripples on the surface of a pond.
75) Lavender Bath ...refreshes and cleanses like a bath using this powerful herb.
76) Fountain of Youth....the name says it all.
77) Protection Bath...pours protective energy around you as though you have bathed with protective herbs and oils.
78) River Styx....in Greek myths Achilles was bathed in the river Styx to make him protected against all harm (except for his heels which his mother held him by). This energetic aspect of the element of water calls forth a similar protective energy.
79) Uncrossing Bath....aspect of water to release negative energy, even negative magical influences from others.
80) Water Current ....similar to River, but focused more on controlling/changing a current of energy rather than simply initiating a flow (the way River does). Used to re-channel energies/emotions into more positive directions than the current they might be on.
81) Moonlight on the Water....recreates that magical sense of moonlight reflecting on a body of water. Good for dreams, inspiration, manifesting.
82) Rosemary Tea...good for purification.
83) Chamomile Tea....good for relaxation and calming.
84) Divination Tea...replicates a tea recipe for psychic awareness and divination.
85) Nile....replicates the energy of this river sacred to the ancient Egyptians.
86) Waterspout....use the element of water to create an energetic waterspout...like a tornado made of water...great for removing energetic "junk" from the emotional body.
87) Vervain water...brings peace to the home can also help cast out negative spirits.
88) Esalen Hot Tub....replicates the relaxing energy of the powerful hot tubs of Esalen overlooking the pacific ocean.
89) Carnelian Elixir...inspires confidence.
90) Jade Elixir....reduces loneliness and sharpens the mind.
91) Solar water.....replicates water charged with Sunlight, brings vitality to the entire physical self.
92) Red water....similar to solar water, helps revitalize and recharge.
93) Orange water....sprinkle into a session to attract success
94) Yellow water..helps bring joy, lightness of being.
95) Blue water...helps relax, release stress.
96) Purple water (or Purple rain if you are a Prince fan)...brings wisdom, knowledge.
97) Green water...helps rejuvenate on all levels.
98) Pink water...inspires friendship, self love.
99) Dead Sea ...calls forth the energy of this sacred body of water.
100) Water Consciousness...brings about that consciousness innate to the element of water of being both a drop and the larger body of water simultaneously. So too are we individuals and part of the greater whole. As we connect with water consciousness, this mystical awareness becomes self evident.