Sunday, May 11, 2014

Why Am I An Energy Healer?

I live and work in an environment where energy healing is common. Yet a question that often comes to me is: why did you become an energy healer? I cannot address this question without digging a little into my personal history. As a child, I suffered severe physical, emotional and sexual abuse from members of my family, including my own mother. Although I tried conventional therapy for several years after graduating college and did find it useful, there was often a sense of something inside me that still was unhealed. No matter how much therapy I did, nor how many modes of therapy I tried, I still felt like a part of me was unclean and unhealed.

Once I became initiated into Reiki, and also began investigating other energetic modes of healing, I heard about concepts that never arose in my therapy sessions. Some teachers would talk about the energetic cords that exist between people, and show techniques of how to clear these cords. Also, I began to have a greater understanding of the karmic conditioning that can be created in a person’s energy field, as well as how to release that conditioning.

I began working with Reiki and other energetic techniques to clear the energy cords between me and those members of my family who abused me when I was a child. These energetic clearings sometimes involved higher level Reiki symbols, sending energy backwards in time, and other concepts that again were outside the box of traditional therapy. Over time, by using these techniques repeatedly, I began to feel clean, and the cloud of shame and unworthiness that I had felt most of my life began to disappear. 

The work I did was so dramatic that in September of 2004 I was able eventually to return to the home where I once lived, the place where most of my abuse occurred, without it negatively impacting me. It was just a short visit, after a seven day energy healing training in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I almost didn’t go to the training, because I was afraid of experiencing the migraine headaches I was accustomed to whenever being near the place I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But, on the advice of my teacher, a wonderful healer named Alexandra Marquardt, I went ahead with the training. Midway through the training I felt a cloud lift out of my karmic body from the work we were doing. The cloud felt like a puff of yellow smoke floating out of my spine through my crown chakra at the top of my head. In that moment, I knew I could return to the house I had grown up in without any trauma returning to me. When the training ended, I asked a friend to drive me to Albuquerque so I could visit the home where I had grown up. I did so, and felt no sadness, no pain, no trauma at all, as if the energy cords between me and all who had harmed me were now clear, as were the energetic imprints left upon the house and the land. I felt free, truly free in a way I thought I never would.

I give thanks to all the energy healers who have been part of my journey, some of whom were Reiki Masters, and others who were shamans and other adept energetic healers. Today when people ask me why I am an energy healer, the answer is that it is through energy healing that I was able to free that child who had been buried inside of me. Although therapy helped on some levels, it was through clearing the deeper energetic layers of my psyche, clearing those energetic hooks and cords between me and my abusers, and eventually clearing the actual space where the abuse occurred that allowed me to actually become free. So, that is why I am an energy healer, because it has given me the gift of freedom, the emotional freedom, physical freedom and spiritual freedom to no longer be chained to my past.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Reiki Software for Divine Living

What is a Reiki affirmation and how do you make one?
A Reiki affirmation is a phrase, like any other affirmation, which you repeat daily to create a positive change in your own life. Unlike a typical affirmation, a Reiki affirmation takes the process one step further and literally sends to the person speaking the affirmation a mini Reiki treatment in perfect alignment with the intention of the affirmation. Below are a couple Reiki affirmations from my book New Reiki Software for Divine Living which you can try using just to learn how they feel:
I am one and at peace with all that is. I am one and at peace with all that is. I am one and at peace with all that is.

Or, try this one:

I am releasing all negative thought patterns and replacing them with love and light. I am releasing all negative thought patterns and replacing them with love and light. I am releasing all negative thought patterns and replacing them with love and light.

How this works is that each affirmation is literally empowered with Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening, and the Reiki crystal inside each affirmation is programmed to send Reiki in alignment with the affirmation to anyone who speaks the affirmation out loud.
If you want to create your own Reiki affirmation, first you would need to be empowered to this new Reiki tool called Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening, which you can learn from anyone else who is empowered to it, or from the book New Reiki Software for Divine Living available at . Once empowered to the Reiki crystal, then meditate to create a phrase that would be a good affirmation for you to use. You can even ask your Reiki crystal to bring you into a meditation to deepen this process if you wish, and the Divine intelligence within the crystal will marinate with your consciousness to help you write the best affirmation for your path at this time. Once you have written the affirmation, then simply ask your Reiki crystal to empower it. You literally do this by whispering an instruction to your Reiki crystal that it empower the affirmation to have its own Reiki crystal. It will take a few minutes for your Reiki crystal to energetically recreate another Reiki crystal inside the affirmation, and give it five minutes just to be safe (though most likely it will take just 2-3 minutes). Once the affirmation is empowered to its own Reiki crystal then program it with your thoughts/intention (these energetic Reiki crystals can be programmed, just like a physical crystal) so that it will send Reiki in perfect alignment with affirmation to anyone who says the affirmation.
That’s all you need to do. Once programmed, the Reiki affirmations become useful Reiki tools you can use for yourself, or share with anyone who might find them useful.
.                                                                   .                                                              .
A psalm is a sacred song or hymn, and although often attributed to the Bible there are psalms in other spiritual traditions as well. The Reiki psalms below are intended to ellicite a deeper sense of communion with the Divine. They function similarly to Reiki affirmations, but are deeper energetically and more eloquent.  Simply reading the Reiki psalm engages you with an energetic Reiki blessing contained inside of each psalm, though speaking each out loud will engage you with an even deeper layer of the Reiki blessing. Each of the Reiki psalms is intended not as a replacement for your own spiritual tradition, but to help access a deeper energetic form of the Divine grace that Reiki is.

Reiki Psalm 1
Bless the world as seen through my eyes
And teach me to listen
Inside every hour is a universe
a place of time
from which I can neither escape nor move
but must wade slowly
captured by grace
exhalted to witness that which is beyond my comprehension
I expand eternally with each breath
Yet cannot know what it means to be limitless without end
except in this moment

Reiki Psalm 2

When light becomes word
and word becomes joy
there I am deeply immersed in Divine grace
allowing it to surround my ego
dissolving the me that I was never born to become
but only meant to awaken

Reiki Psalm 3

My wounded heart wishes to be whole
and filled with prophecy of times unlearned
where the gift of love is boundless
and all in every direction is praise for the mad glory of existence
There I will see that which is the cure to my ailment
There will I be held and nourished with infinite light
There will I know who I am beyond the self I have imagined myself to be

Reiki Psalm 4

Protect me from the angry words of others
And take away all my suffering
Bring peace to my ears
Bring peace to my eyes
Bring peace to my thought
So that I may be reborn into light
So that each whisper of Divine word
is one I can capture and taste
Let me consume this light
and also be consumed by it
Let me ravish the flesh of this light
and be ravished within it
Let me shout love for all beings
and see that love reflected back to me
as it is simultaneously then sent back to them as well
Let me know who I came into this world to be

Reiki Psalm 5

To be in bed with the Divine
and sleep with a nursed pillow
and feel held eternally
why would anyone not desire this
let me end all need for explanation
even to my own mind
let my mind be lost in the thrill of its own emptiness
for that is the only place I can know

A wave of light washes my face
purifying the image of who I send into the world
Another wave of light caresses my heart
telling me there is no need to feel alone

How can I do anything but dance in this place
to empty myself of anything other than ecstacy

Reiki Psalm 6

I am falling through an infinite window in time
and as I fall I know I am falling through everywhere
moving through each kind thought
roaming the ignition of galaxies and stars
eternally grasping with my fingers at the yes of all existence

Reiki Psalm 7

Surrender and give yourself away
Each tower built is created only to be tumbled into a gemstone of emptiness
Surround yourself with a simple task
which is to love

Reiki Psalm 8

Some see the light as a business
others as a hierarchy
others still, as not existing at all
yet I see the light as eminating eternally
growing me back into the moment of my destiny
rounding the curve of the latest square
bringing passion to the numbers on an infinite line of digits
solving the mystery before expanding it into a glorious feast

I am light and came from light
I am the food from which I must grow
I am the being which has never been the same in any given moment
And yet I try to define myself endlessly
only to round myself amusingly into a ball
like a small child
whistling to the sky as an ant plays and struggles with a blade of grass
so tender is the way of knowing

Reiki Psalm 9

Burn yourself like a peice of paper
becoming heat and light
never fearing the ashes of your own illumination

Reiki Psalm 10

Within the avenues of time
excellence becomes a wall
perfect placement of hands
a twisted arrogance of symbols
then, the marketing of everything to stay alive
So gratefull am I to be still in this moment
unconcerned with the destiny of others
just to breathe in the light
and feel illuminated
as if there was no one in the universe to worry about
not even myself

Reiki Psalm 11

Implant your thoughts within the Reiki crystal
and let it unwind within you all that needs release
Be as a cosmic star ready to shine your brilliance among the heavens
Have you ever known a star afraid of its own light?
Or witnessed a galaxy shame itself being being too illuminated
Yet we who are human prefer to doubt that light within
To tuck it under ourselves
and let it bleed until the light itself is gone, and only a shadow exists

Cast off all that you are not willing to be
even the replacement for yourself so well manufactured with manners and social niceties
be true to the light within
and the light without will shine even brighter than before

Reiki Psalm 12

Unfold wise acres of light
with songs of light
become wisdom
as energy passes
trapping not even the witnessing of your own mind
as these words are written so too do they pull from the intelligence
of Divine mind

Who created this body of language
Where are you being when not thinking of yourself
Become, and the universe will indulge you
Run away, and it will chase after you like a zealot

Reiki Psalm 13

Chase yourself like a dog after its own tail
the bonus of living in a modern world
to update your own image relentlessly
yet with soft hands you can understand the meaning of time
and with soft eyes you can hear the sound of each angel singing to God
and with soft legs, you can stand strong never to be pushed over
Give your silence to yourself
And know the road to heaven is paved with emptiness

Reiki Psalm 14

Challenges disturb the mind
yet we harness our wisdom from ancient laws
which many are now dormant, lost, forgotten
What new laws can one read that are still ancient
like carrying a prayer uphill inside a bucket of water
waiting to spill it on those you love
Just step forward
let your hands drop
and all will be amazing

Reiki Psalm 15

Enter into the splendid Divine
like tumbling as a child into a pool of water
with laughter and joy
all you ever imagined is still possible
still within reach
just hold the belief
shine your eyes upon your fingertips
and let wishes fly from your mind like butterflies

Reiki Psalm 16

This great fascination with ego and mind
We are all nothing more
than imaginary friends of the Divine

Reiki Psalm 17

Again I am no one
whispering in the light of the Divine
telling myself who I am by the words that I see
going into places I cannot know, yet have felt inside of me forever
I am bleeding now
and each drop is a desire to know and be known
to learn and be taught
here in the classroom of Divine mind
I gain all that I need to know
becoming precious as a drop of honey

Reiki Psalm 18

Relax into the plentiful now
where many universes dance simultaneously
each one a precious child of the Divine
like a wheelbarrow of candy displayed through all time
Our hands cannot know which piece is meant for us
where to grasp and let go
of what it is we need to be soft enough
or hard enough
to chew or let our tongues dance lightly
so sweet is this life
I fall deep into the sugar of each moment
knowing I myself will eventually be eaten
like candy for the Divine

Reiki Psalm 19

Numbers tickle my eyes
as if anything can be less than infinite
to swallow the hard digits as real
when the luminous essence behind them is a nectar
unfolding eternally
grasped not by mind, nor even heart
but in the act of ever emptying
there I can stand tall
almost naked to the world
knowing myself
both human and beyond

Reiki Psalm 20

Sweeter than I ever came to be
joined by the mystery of now
and a chatter as wise as the loose lips of a stranger
I dance with each moment
and breathe sighs upon the canvass of the sky
deliver this now
Usui has given me a gift far beyond my ability to comprehend

Reiki Psalm 21

Beloved inner being
where is the crest of your knowledge
delightful and loud
twisting like a lover inside a cloud
I choose not to see myself in the mirror
just wondering if the power of reflection itself
is enough
to keep measuring the eyes of time

Reiki Psalm 22

I became a rainbow illuminated at night
how noble for the suns rays to find me there
twisting through the atmosphere
to brighten my world from the inside out
seeing golden speeches of color dance through me and beyond

Reiki Psalm 23

Below myself I escape
into the dust
of who I am
and there am blown across the landscape of destiny
so curious to be launched like a ship full of ceremony and praise
awake to each storm, the greatest of which is always inside

my hands light up like lamps
filled with an eternal oil
I am alive
always seeking to be yes and yes and over again
tumbling with each wave of light
being rediscovered at my core

Reiki Psalm 24

My eyes have awakened
seeing only that which is
aspiring to be love

Behind my face
no one resides
and inside my ears
there is only a mantra of Divine names

Explode with me into a speckle of eternal laughter
Each syllable a crown made of gold

Reiki Psalm 25

Let go of all explanation
There is no mind to convince
No place that is capable of regulating life
Only mystery unfolding

To cherish each footstep
all by itself
the footstep cherishing the body as well

Go into the quietly opening spaces
and there stand
until no sound is capable of manifesting
not even a prayer
for prayers themselves can even be a distraction at times

Be a prayer
rather than reciting one

Reiki Psalm 26

I roll about inside infinity
dragging my mind in my hands
if only I could let it go
like a flower
to be something on its own

Split open my thoughts
to spill light into each one
and let it radiate like a galaxy
spinning open in the hand of the Divine

Reiki Psalm 27

Bliss is the name of love
even when tired
even when lost
but to smile in those moments
when tears are almost raining from your eyes
that is the precious way of being
the rotunda of your consciousness echoing out the brightest star
such Divine language we speak
Do not allow yourself to be mute
when conversing of love

Reiki Psalm 28

Be alone in the winter of time
There you will find all that is needed
to witness each star witnessing you
then to inhale each band of starlight

Fear nothing
when nothing
is fearful

Be loved
when love
is being you

note the answers
most given
by birds, animals and strangers
they usually speak the truth

Reiki Psalm 29

Today angels scrubbed my face with joy
and instead of taking them for granted
I worshipped the light they are made of

I smoked their feathers to intoxicate my mind with Divine ecstatic madness
I reveled in their dances, their songs to all creation
and then I imagined what it must mean for an angel to fly
to fly and yet be made of nothing but light
how swell an offering each act of ascension must be

Dismantling the subrhythms
the turbulant desicions
I burst open into pure light
and shined like an arch angel gone super nova

Reiki Psalm 30

There is no language beyond
no ancient script that can illuminate
the disjointed aspects of humanity
until every hair sings the right song
and each elbow is tucked away and ready
to be the partner in a universal dance

How can one fail when dancing arm linked with brother or sister
How can we give mercy to our friends
and not discuss their failings in their absence
How can we know the greatest service to ourselves
is to serve the need of everyone

Reiki Psalm 31

Infinity cast out like dice
rolling to scrub my eyes
until the game is won

I sing the song of infinity
and dance along the enternal kiss

Reiki Psalm 32

Love is an orchard of strangers
each holding an apple
filled with the brightest light imaginable
if only we will breathe

Reiki Psalm 33

In this moment
radiate your heart in the direction of love
make this your compass
the true north
by which every action is measured
and every thought is known
dance with your feet wanting to turn the planet
each time they touch the earth
these are simple words to live by
just know them

*                                                                                                             *                                                                                              *
Below is a chapter excerpt from my recently completed book manuscript titled NEW REIKI SOFTWARE FOR DIVINE LIVING

Late in April of 2012 I was about to go to sleep and was shown on an energetic level the deep level of consciousness that exists in computers, that computers are an extension of the human mental body on a massive scale. I was also told by my guides in that moment that I should attune the world wide web of the internet to Reiki. Since there is no one rightful owner of the internet, and it is in the public domain, I asked the angels and devas of both Reiki and the internet if this was for the highest good of all and was told that it was. So, in that moment I worked with these same angels and devas, and my higher self and all my Reiki guides to empower the internet to Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening. Later the next day I sent a tweet that the world wide web was now attuned to Reiki.

What this means is that the Divine consciousness that exists within Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening, that same consciousness and energetic healing ability, can now be accessed through the internet. There is no website to go to, no Facebook page or Twitter account to use or follow. It is the internet itself.

The way anyone can access this is simply by being online on their laptop, mobile phone or any other device that connects to the internet. Once online, you simply type into the body of an email, or tweet, or Facebook update the exact details of the Reiki treatment you are requesting the internet to send. The best way to experiment with this concept, which is certainly at the edge of what most people may be willing to believe, is to go online and type into a Google search engine the following phrase: The internet is sending me Reiki as I look at this page. Then, without actually performing a Google search simply sit in front of your computer and allow the internet to send you Reiki. Again, if you are someone who does not sense energy healing it will be very unlikely that this concept will make much sense, as I admit it is at the edge of what one might find beleivable. Yet if you are one who is energy sensitive my experience is that you will feel Reiki begin to flow to you once you have typed in the phrase into the search bar.

How this works is that once it was empowered to Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening the internet’s own consciousness, however mechanical or evolved it may be, also merged to some degree with the Divine consiousness that exists in the Reiki crystal. So, when you type into an email, or Facebook update, or any place on the internet any kind of command or request that the internet send Reiki, that request is activated within Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening. Just that instead of projecting that thought into your own Reiki crystal you are projecting it into the Reiki crystal that now exists within the internet itself. And, as you have experienced so far in this book, it is when your own thoughts are projected into the Reiki crystal that the healing is activated.

Another way to look at this issue is that the internet is a physical representation of the group mind of all who use it. So, by attuning the internet, the physical representation of that group mind, it isn’t that every computer or every person hooked in to the internet is now a Reiki practitioner, but that this shared wisdom, this collective of ideas and thoughts, is now imbued with Divine consciousness and an energetic Reiki crystal that will allow anyone who wishes to access Reiki to be able to do so through the internet.

Again, my Reiki theories are always backed up by experiment. So, if you are one who senses energy healing, then go to your computer now and try the above experiment on your own. If you are one who does not experience any sensation from energy healing, then gather those friends or acquaintenances you know who do feel energy healing, and ask them to perform the same experiment.

When perfoming the experiment it is important to write that the internet is sending the treatment. If you make the mistake of writing the statement without specifically indicating that the internet is sending the treatment, the experiment will not work. Also, make sure you are typing into some system directly connected and online at the moment you are writing it. In other words, typing the phrase into a word document will not have any impact, since that is an internal software of your computer, not a component of the internet. In order for the experiment to work, the typed phrase must be directly into an internet search engine, email account, or some form of social media account that is active and online.

Once you have tried the experiment and understand that it does work, you can then use this form of Reiki as a suppliment to bring Reiki into daily life. I would never use this technique for a professional Reiki healing. But I would use it for things like helping release stress during a difficult day at work, by simply typing into the body of an email to myself that the internet is sending Reiki to me in my office for ten minutes. I use this kind of technique during a day when I will not have time to send Reiki to myself, but when I do have a spare few seconds to type out an email. Try it and see for yourself the impact it can have on reducing stress in the workplace.

Another way to use this technique is to email short mini Reiki treatments to friends and family. This is not intended to deminish the value or sacredness of a deep one on one Reiki healing, but instead is intended to awaken both the one receiving the treatment as well as the one sending the email that Reiki is available to us always, and that the Divine is present with us even during the most mundane aspects of our daily lives.

Play with this idea and see what your own results may be. When I first shared this concept with one of my friends and disclosed to her how it worked, for a few minutes it was very tempting to think of how this could be turned into a Reiki app, a Reiki video game and other such options that would have been more about me and others making money than about any sense of expanding the possibilites of Reiki to a wider circle. But my sense is that this is information that is meant to be shared freely.

Play with the following internet Reiki options:
  1. Write into an email that the internet will send a Reiki energetic clearing to your home or office.
  2. Send an email Reiki mini treatment to a friend (as long as you have their permission to do so).
  3. Create a Reiki group on social media that promotes and uses these Reiki internet techniques to send Reiki to larger world issues. Imagine, a million people with a facebook status update where they are sending Reiki to world that might impact the consciousness of our world at large.

The possibilities are endless. The only limit, as long as you are respecting free will, is your own imagination.

Copyright 2012 Brett Bevell