Thursday, December 14, 2017

Reiki Psalms

A psalm is a sacred song or hymn, and although often attributed to the Bible there are psalms in other spiritual traditions as well. The Reiki psalms below are intended to elicit a deeper sense of communion with the divine. They function similarly to Reiki affirmations, but are deeper energetically and more eloquent. Simply reading a Reiki psalm engages you with the energetic Reiki blessing contained inside of each psalm, though speaking each out loud will engage you with an even deeper layer of the Reiki blessing. Reiki psalms are intended not as a replacement for your own spiritual tradition, but to help access a deeper energetic form of the divine grace that Reiki is.
Reiki Psalm 1
Bless the world as seen through my eyes
And teach me to listen
Inside every hour is a universe
a place of time
from which I can neither escape nor move
but must wade slowly
captured by grace
exhalted to witness that which is beyond my comprehension
I expand eternally with each breath
Yet cannot know what it means to be limitless without end
except in this moment
Reiki Psalm 2
When light becomes word
and word becomes joy
there I am deeply immersed in divine grace
allowing it to surround my ego
dissolving the me that I was never born to become
but only meant to awaken
Reiki Psalm 3
My wounded heart wishes to be whole
and filled with prophecy of times unlearned
where the gift of love is boundless
and all in every direction is praise for the mad glory of existence
There I will see that which is the cure to my ailment
There will I be held and nourished with infinite light
There will I know who I am beyond the self I have imagined myself to be
Reiki Psalm 4
Protect me from the angry words of others
And take away all my suffering
Bring peace to my ears
Bring peace to my eyes
Bring peace to my thought
So that I may be reborn into light
So that each whisper of divine word
is one I can capture and taste
Let me consume this light
and also be consumed by it
Let me ravish the flesh of this light
and be ravished within it
Let me shout love for all beings
and see that love reflected back to me
as it is simultaneously then sent back to them as well
Let me know who I came into this world to be
Excerpted from New Reiki Software for Divine Living by Brett Bevell. Copyright © 2013 by Ayni Books.