Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 15

As I did the self treatment of Light of the Eternal One this evening I felt as if objects in the room were floating....obviously they were not...but there was a sensation as if they were, as if I were tuning in more into the space between objects, the space between molecules and atoms, the space between thoughts. As my mind fell deeper into this spaciousness, I felt calm assured, connected to The One.
Also, a side note, I performed a healing on another earlier this evening...first doing Reiki then Magical Awakening then Light of the Eternal One. I did the Light of the Eternal One portion much longer than usual, more than the few minutes that I often do when using this form of energy healing. I must have performed the treatment on this person for a good fifteen minutes or so. After the session was complete, the person RAVED about how Amazing it was. I have offered her Reiki and Magical Awakening before....so conclude that it was the Light of the Eternal One energy that made it so amazing for her.

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