Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Energy Healing and Ferguson

I have been somewhat dismayed by the level of silence about Ferguson on the part of many of the so called "thought leaders" who teach at many of the holistic retreat centers in the US. Where is the leadership in being silent about such an important issue? In the days after the decision, the absence of an indictment, I went on Twitter to see what some of these compassionate wisdom carriers had to say, which was for the most part not a word. I have to say that silence upset me. I know as an energy healer many of us are expected to always be in a place of inner peace, but if that is a pretend and false peace that cannot engage injustice then it doesn't get us anywhere and certainly is not enlightenment.

It's okay to be human, to have feelings, and certainly to react at social injustice. Whether the officer who shot Mike Brown was guilty or not should have been decided by a jury, and given the number of conflicting stories from witnesses the case certainly deserved to go to trial. I am not in judgement of the officers innocence or guilt, but do judge a system that is incapable of even bringing the issue to a trial to fully investigate all the conflicting evidence in an open court of law. This silence of many of my peers about this is in itself a form of the disease, much like the silent partner in cases of sexual abuse or incest where one simply allows horrible things to happen out of fear of rocking the boat.

Let us speak out about racial bias. Let us send Reiki, shamanic healings, prayers, meditate, do yoga until our sweat overwhelms that consciousness of our society called racism  until it is shed like the toxin it is out from our collective consciousness.

Our collective responsibility is to speak about this, openly and continuously, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, no matter if it means we might lose a few students or book sales in the process, no matter what, until this ugly aspect of our American soul is healed.

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