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100 Things a Magical Awakening® Wizard can do with the Element of Fire

Here are 100 things that a Magical Awakening® wizard can do with the element of fire. Please know this list is meant to inspire, not limit, the imagination of the wizard healer.

1) Use the element of fire to quickly cleanse the aura, chakras, meridians.
2) Use the element of fire as an Aarte flame to purify and deepen ones connection to the Divine.
3) Access the element of fire as the fiery wall of protection (a witches formula that can be a powerful form of protection.)
4) Access the element of fire as the violet flame, a spiritual flame used for many types of transformation and clearing (recommended by MA student Blake Passe).
5) Access the fire of the Holy Spirit...inspires a passionate consuming connection to the Divine.
6) Access Angel Fire, a high vibration cleansing energy that works gently, and swiftly but with great effectiveness.
7) Replicate the energy of a Mayan Fire ceremony.
8) Call forth the powerful fire of the Goddess Sekhmet to release obstacles and negativity from ones path.
9) Call forth the fire of the Sun for healing, brightening ones path.
10) Call forth the fire of illumination, to guide one during times of darkness.
11) Access the fire of the rune Dagaz for radical change and transformation.
12) Access the fire of the rune Cenaz for spiritual wisdom, cunning, and passion.
13) Access the fire of the rune Nauthiz to connect deeper with true needs.
14) Access the fire of Chimera (fire breathing mythological creatures....feels similar to Dragon Fire and has a similar effect).
15) Balinese Cremation burn out dead/stale energy in your own energy field.
16) Hell Fire....feels like it ought to be negative but actually isn't. When accessing Hell Fire you will find it actually burns out and purifies any evil/negative energies.
17) Pillar of Fire...again has Judeo/Christian origins, but brings forth a wonderful Divine presence.
18) Creative Fire...does exactly what it implies...brings about creative inspiration.
19) Volcanic Fire...access the explosive innate power within any specific volcano to cleanse, purify, move energy in a BIG way.
20) Heart Fire...warms the heart, gentle, loving, good for issues about love and opening to love.
21) Poi...a dazzling kind of fire energy that inspires the imagination, and rekindles a sense of awe and wonder.
22) Agni Fire...from the Hindu God Agni...helps access knowledge and transforms what is offered to the highest good.
23) Ila Fire...from the Hindu Goddess Ila...helps strengthen the gift of speech and brings nourishment...kind of interesting to have fire nourish.
24) Tibetan Fire Puja....a wonderful fire energy that helps clear karmic debts.
25) Fire Beyond Fire...a fierce form of fire that annihilates whatever you need it to.
26) Merlin's Fire..a very magical form of fire that changes shape, adapts and uses dynamic presence to obtain the healing goal.
27) Use basic element of fire to align your own will with your highest divine purpose.
28) Use basic element of fire to heal "loss of will".
29) Use basic element of fire to focus your will toward a healing goal.
30) Use basic element of fire to thaw out frozen emotions, emotions that have become blocked, and repressed, to bring them into ones awareness for deeper healing.
31) Psychic Fire....burns or brands psychic messages into a person's energy field...can only be used for the highest good.
32) Spark of Truth...burns out all BS
33) Ureaus Fire....calls form the cobra and solar disk of ancient Egyptian mythology to maintain a sense of Divine strength and being ruler of ones own destiny.
34) Firelight...good for mental clearing
35) Use basic element of fire to energize a person.
36) Solar flare...a powerful wave of solar/sun healing energy that feels usually stronger than simply accessing fire of the Sun itself.
37) Fire Breath...has similar energetic reactions to the Kundalini Breath of Fire, breathing techniques...considered quite powerful and cleansing.
38) Fire meditation....used to conjure the hypnotic sense of staring into a glowing flame, wonderful to focus and relax the mind.
39) Phoenix Fire...a fire energy of renewal and rebirth.
40) Fire behind the eyes....a type of fire to help one see through deception.
41) Fire Under the Ass...we all know what that is...helps a person get motivated and forces a sense of action.
42) 1000 Candles....kind of all all purpose fire energy in that the magical focus of the candles can be about anything positive, just that as the wizard wiggles their fingers to invoke this the power of 1000 candles toward the healing intention is also invoked.
43) Salamander wisdom...teaches one wisdom about the fire element.
44) Pyro-Mania....calls forth the ecstatic aspect of fire energy.
45) Laughing Fire....has a cleansing vibe yet coupled with humor
46) Herbal Fire Potion...has the impact of whatever imagined herbs as though they are being boiled together into a potion...can only be used for beneficial purposes. You can also just leave the imagining part up to Merlin.
47) Ace of Wands...holds the pure potential of the element of fire within it...and makes that felt/known to the person being healed.
48) King of Wands...helps an individual come to a place of mastery and command over their own fire/will/creativity/passion.
49) COSMic Fire....draws fire energy from the Universal Mind Lattice
50) Earth Fire...draws the energy of power from Earths magma core.
51) Empowerment Fire....a fire that empowers and motivates, gives confidence.
52) Mirror of Fire...reflects back to a person their own true passion, allowing them to see it fully and thus own it/deal with it.
53) Fire of Heaven.....purifies the spirit
54) Sexual Fire...not what you think....cannot be abused or misused to try and "make someone sexually excited" but is instead a type of fire energy that has innate healing and allows one to be at peace with their own authentic sexuality...very useful for victims of sexual abuse or anyone who has had their sexual fire "put out" or distorted because of negative sexual experiences. Allows one to reclaim their own true sexual self.
55) Enlightenment Fire....a kind of fire that burns least temporarily...the illusion of Maya.
56) Peace Pipe...energetically replicates the fire/smoke from a peace pipe ceremony.
57) Fire Om....much like the Om vibration as used with the element of air, but with a fiery twist, as if you can imagine an Om symbol burning in your consciousness.
58) First Birthday Candle...replicate the fire of the flame of a person's first birthday (or similar youthful age) to remind them of the preciousness of their own childhood wishes.
59) Conception....rekindles that spark of life, that initial flame you were at the moment of conception.
60) Composer...access as an element of fire that seed vibration of inspiration which eventually became a piece of powerful music...such as Bach's AIR or Beethoven's 5th Symphony or any other musical work. Use that as your own point of inspiration.
61) Dream Fire....a kind of fire that helps you dream at a larger level to manifest a bigger vision of your own life.
62) Fireplace & Chimney .....a kind of fire used to clear a home or living space, intending the fire as though it was a fireplace within the dwelling that continuously burns away all forms of negative energy...often more effective than simply sending fire energy to the dwelling.
63) Mystical Fire...a kind of fire that works between the cells, between walls of consciousness, between that which separates, and reveals a sense of inner unity.
64) Access the element of fire to clear the land by sending fire to all the roots of trees in an area or region and intending the trees then re-allocate where the fire should go...something I often use at Omega Institute and which is quite effective.
65) Access the element of fire to go into a person's gates of consciousness for clearing out any energy that is a "pain in the neck".
66) Access the element of fire and focus it into the ears to clear out the inability to hear words of healing and peace.
67) Access the element of fire and focus it to clear the skin of the cellular memory of unwanted touch.
68) Access the element of fire and focus it into the digesting tract to clear out negative energy held in food...send this through time as well to clear all food eaten during a person's lifetime.
69) Access the element of fire and focus it as the energy of the synapses of the brain firing when one is happy.
70) Access the element of fire and focus it through a person's circulatory system to cleanse the blood of all harmful and negative vibrations.
71) Access the element of fire and focus it into the water in a person's body to clear that of all negative imprints.
72) Access the element of fire and focus it directly underneath the skin throughout a person's body to clear away all harmful or negative vibrations held under the'd be surprised how much we tend to hold there.
73) Access the element of fire and focus it into a person's third eye to open their psychic ability...much deeper than just clearing their 3rd eye when clearing the chakras.
74) Access the element of fire as a rain of fire....tends to be more penetrating than just sending element of fire...use when deeper clearing is needed.
75) Access the element of fire and focus it into the space between the inner skull and brain for mental clearing....similar to sending underneath the skin you'd be surprised how much energy gets clogged there.
76) Access the element of fire and focus it into a person's day to burn out all negativity before it arises....important sometimes when doing preventative work on a situation.
77) Access the element of fire and send it burn out to all self defeating thoughtforms.
78) Access the element of fire and send it to ignite a person's courage.
79) Create an energetic shield of fire to protect someone.
80) Use the element of fire to burn out ancestral imprints that are harmful.
81) Build bridges of fire between all your energetic bodies and energetic selves.
82) Send the element of fire to the White House, Capitol Hill and other public buildings to clear them of corruption (this does not clear individual politicians but at least reduces the amount of energetic residue around these places of power.)
83) Use the element of fire to clear the energetic footprints you have made in this life that have harmed others.
84) Use the element of fire to highlight a word or phrase in an important email.
85) Send the element of fire into your experience in the womb to clear out any harmful, unwanted memories held there.
86) Send the element of fire into the moment of death forward in time, to bring clearing to yourself at that moment.
87) Send the element of fire into the land, homes, buildings you have spent most of your life on or in, through time, for a deep clearing of unwanted memories and energies.
88) Send the element of fire into the biochemical processes of your own body, to keep them operating and functioning properly.
89) Send the element of fire into the cellular consciousness of each cell of your body to bring vitality.
90) Send the element of fire into the connection between you and the Divine to ignite that Holy relationship.
91) Send the element of fire to purify the space between your thoughts.
92) Send the element of fire to clean your hair of all old energetic imprints.
93) Send the element of fire as an ancient Atlantean fire ritual.
94) Send the element of fire as an healing fire ritual from ancient Avalon.
95) Send the element of fire as an ancient Lemurian fire ritual.
96) Send the element of fire as all healing fire rituals you have experienced in all lifetimes.
97) Send the element of fire between each vertebra of your spine for deep spinal clearing.
98) Send the element of fire into all the joints in your body for deep clearing.
99) Send the element of fire into your own illusions of ego to burn away the negative things you cannot see in yourself.
100) Send the element of fire as the Big Bang and notice any shifts in your consciousness.

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