Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 1

In my soon to be released book Energy Healing for Everyone: A Path to Wholeness and Awakening I encourage those who read the book and are empowered by it to this amazing form of energy called Light of the Eternal One to perform a self treatment 40 days in a row, and the follow with a short journal entry. Since the book will be released soon, August 12th, 2014, I have decided to do my own public journal entry after a self treatment.

This evening at 8:10pm, June 17th I gave myself a short treatment of Light of the Eternal One energy. My hands placed simply at the top of my head, I felt the energy begin to flow. A sense of serenity filled my being, a sense that all is well. The issues I have felt at work the past two months melted away, and became stillness. I looked at the trees outside my living room window and felt connected to them, like we are all One.

My breathing slowed. I thought of my vegetable garden in the backyard, feeling connected to the plants, soil and water there as well. All is simplicity overflowing through my consciousness. Time for me to go and be with my wife.

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